The FatManSlim Diet

FatManSlim is an online program aimed to help men feel more in control and secure in their weight loss efforts by offering privacy and anonymity to those who want it.

This low fat diet plan is targeted at men who have different health concerns and preferences than women.

Type - Low fat

Are special products required? - No

Is eating out possible? - Yes

Is the plan family friendly? - Yes

Do you have to buy a book? - No

Is the diet easy to maintain? - Yes

So how does it work?...

This FatManSlim diet was created in 2002 and is presented in an online interactive website authored by Dr. Ian Campbell.

Dr Campbell was inspired to create this program specifically for men because of the many who came to see him about weight loss, but were uncomfortable joining a weight loss group or any other public forms of help.

These reluctant men were at a great health risk due to obesity, particularly the fat around a man’s waist which is technically the most dangerous kind of fat.

The author of this program focuses on reducing this fat, calling it “waist loss.” Dr Campbell emphasizes long-term lifestyle changes rather than quick fix diets.

The Diet Plan...

FatManSlim is a humorously written, practical, direct, and personalized program for any man who wants to lose weight.

It is a 12 week program that rolls out in multiple steps, but also has a long-term online support system. It advocates a nutritious and balanced diet over any gimmicky forbidden food-groups, other than reducing your fat content.

As a low fat diet plan, it is designed to help you lose weight in this way, rather than by targeting specific food groups.

Forbidding foods is out because it is thought to make the dieting process harder and more destined to fail.

Daily physical activity is also encouraged with an emphasis on doing what is right for the specific individual’s lifestyle and abilities.

The website is a compendium of tips, advice, and medical, psychological, and social information to aid the dieter in his quest.

It is unique in that it allows dieters to get direct access to Dr. Campbell and his advice, rather than being a static book.

There are also interactive forums that lend support to FatManSlimmembers and serve as a place for dieters to discuss successes, problems, and life in general.

Though there is nothing in the specific diet and exercise plan itself that limits its effectiveness to just men, it is really the delivery style and voice that make it more ideal for men, particularly those shy or embarrassed to talk about their weight. Note that it is not an “adult” style of communication.

FatManSlim is all audiences appropriate and fun to read.

Is it good for you?...

The specifics of the diet plan itself are sound and reasonable, relying on a foundation of lots of fruits and vegetables while limiting fats and sugars.

The benefits of this type of diet are well established as factual, and will help most people lose weight.

FatManSlim also wins in that it works hard to promote daily exercise instead of relying just on the diet aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, this low fat diet plan excels in being personable and easy to relate to for a large audience that is usually overlooked and ignored.

Example Day...

• Glass of fresh fruit juice
• Low-sugar cereal with banana

• Whole grain sandwich with low fat meat or cheese and salad
• Apple

• Grilled Chicken breast with rice
• Green salad with fat free dressing
• Low fat yogurt or fruit

• If hungry eat fresh fruit ideally
• Low fat, low sugar snack bar

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