Metabolic Typing Diet

metabolic typing diet

Each of us is totally different from everyone else, which means that a metabolic typing diet might be able to help you where all other diets have failed. Much of the theory behind these plans rests on where your ancestors originated and what they ate.

The Eat Right 4 Your Type Diet posits that your blood type will determine what foods will help you lose weight most effectively. Someone who has Type A blood has descended from farmers and will find that low cholesterol low fat diets will be best at helping them to lose weight. There is no firm scientific evidence to support this theory, however.

Another approach to the metabolic typing diet is Body Code , which determines the best diet for you based on your body structure. The types included in this concept include communicator, warrior, nurturer, and visionary. The warrior type, in particular, will crave food high in calories, which will lead quickly to being overweight.

Visionaries and communicators on the other hand will seek floury and sugary foods so understanding your body type can help you to control cravings and eat foods that will best promote weight loss.

Lowering cholesterol diets can also be configured into a metabolic typing diet. As individuals all use foods in a different way, eating incorrectly for your metabolism can cause a serious imbalance in your hormones.

While few people connect enzymes or hormones with whether we are fat or not, when an imbalance exists, it can be nearly impossible to lose weight even if you choose from any of the low cholesterol low fat diets. The enzymes in our body are used to break down the food so it can be used, and if you are eating a diet better suited to another metabolic type, it can be difficult for your food to be properly digested.

Hormones work along with enzymes to use the food as it should be, so it is easy to understand that by creating the proper balance of these two bodily chemicals, most calories will be burned, which will lead to weight loss.

Determining what your body type will be the first step to instituting this type of diet plan. The claim that weight gain can occur because the foods you are eating simply are not the right ones for your metabolism. When your body is unable to effectively and efficiently process foods, it can lead to the improper burning of calories and subsequent deposition of fat where you do not want it.

While food high in calories may be just what one person needs to lose weight, low cholesterol low fat diets may be the answer for others. Trying a metabolic typing diet when the usual diets have failed may put you on the right road to weight loss and check out our in-depth reviews below...

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