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Although food combining diets have been a known concept for decades, it seems that it is finally getting more widespread notice. The theory behind this type of diet is that certain foods work well together and others do not and the time that you eat certain foods will also have a bearing on how much weight you will lose.

Foods are generally considered to be either acidic, alkaline, or neutral, and eating acidic and alkaline foods together, according to the food combining diet theory, will result in overweight and malabsorption of nutrients so this type of program is not so much a counting calories diet as one that regulates what you eat with what.

The Hay Diet was developed way back in the 1920s by physician William Hay, and it was probably the real beginning of combination food diets. It considers that the pancreas will secrete different enzymes for digestion depending on whether acidic or alkaline food has been eaten. The claim is that, if both types are eaten at one meal, they will, in effect, cancel one another out, leading to inadequate nutrition and the accumulation of fat.

There are plenty of free diets online for this type of food combining plan and you will find that they will probably result in some weight loss, but it may be difficult to sustain in the long run.

When you want to lose some weight quickly, the New Beverly Hills Diet can be of some assistance. There is no need to assemble a food calories list when using this diet, the recommendations for what should be eaten when are all outlined in detail in the book.

Although this diet has worked well for some people, it is not for everyone. It is necessary to eat a great deal of fruit on the New Beverly Hills Diet, and some days, nothing but fruit is eaten which may cause a nutritional imbalance in time and can also result in gastrointestinal upset.

The Fit For Life Diet is another popular diet in this group and calls not only for strict attention to keeping acid and alkaline food separate, but also recommends eating foods at certain times of the day.

The authors have worked out a schedule when they believe that the body is digesting, resting, or eliminating and by choosing the right foods to eat at certain times, they claim that you will not only lose weight and enjoy better digestion, but will cleanse toxins out of your body. A food calories list, once again, is not required when following the Fit For Life Diet.

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