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quick weight loss

While their value for long term results is debatable, a quick weight loss diet can lower your weight significantly in only a week or two.

These are especially helpful when dealing with women and obesity, as a positive change can be noticed quickly. It is thought that some of the weight loss comes from water loss and bloating, but if you need to get into a certain dress for the family reunion, one of these diet plans may be able to help.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a quick weight loss diet that can cause you to lose up to 10 pounds or more in one week. This diet relies on a combination of cabbage soup that you make along with leafy vegetables. Some skimmed milk and a few other fruits and vegetables are included, so in one sense it can be good for people with high cholesterol but it's nutritionally unbalanced and is not meant for long term use – it simply gives you the opportunity to lose some weight fast.

It is possible to use this diet on an on-and-off basis, alternating with a complete diet to keep losing weight; you can use this diet for one week, then return to regular foods for the next two or three weeks.

Another popular diet plan is the Grapefruit Diet , which calls for a severe restriction of calories along with eating half a grapefruit before meals. Only 800 calories per day are permitted with this diet, but very dramatic weight loss can occur; up to 28 pounds can be shed in only 14 days.

As with the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Grapefruit Diet is not meant to be used for long periods of time, it neither contains enough calories or nutrition to maintain health over the long run. However, when problems arise with weight gain, this diet can be used for desired results in a very short length of time.

No one enjoys being overweight, and perhaps a first step to conquering this problem is to make short term use of a quick weight loss diet. If you have ever thought, “I can’t lose weight”, one of these diets will certainly prove that this is not true. The fact that a significant weight drop is achievable in only a week or two can provide encouragement and support to continue in a more sustainable weight loss program.

Also, learning how to manage portions and follow a certain schedule will make it easier to make adjustments to your ordinary diet so that weight loss can continue.

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