The Rotation Diet

The Rotation Diet is unique for most quick weight loss diet plans in that it is acutely aware of the possibility of the body going into “starvation mode” when calories are too restricted.

This diet plan attempts to prevent your body from going into that mode while still reducing calories for quick weight loss.

Type - Quick Weight Loss

Are special products required? – No

Is eating out possible? - Yes

Is the plan family friendly? - No

Do you have to buy a book? - Yes

Is the diet easy to maintain? - No

So how does it work?...

The Rotation Diet is a low calorie, quick weight loss plan. Generally speaking, if you restrict your calories to a very low level for a sustained amount of time, your body goes into what is often called starvation mode.

Your body thinks that food is suddenly scarce and it downshifts the metabolism to conserve energy in order to survive the drought/winter/plague or whatever disaster it thinks is going on.

Your body also breaks down muscle and stores fat in greater quantities. The end result is that when you finish the diet it’s likely you will gain back all of the weight you lost and possibly even more.

The plan allows you to restrict calories to a level that lends you to lose a lot of weight in a fairly quick timeframe without going into starvation mode.

The author says that by rotating your diet you keep your body on its toes so that it never really falls into starvation mode. The plan fights “rebound” weight gain that many of us are so familiar with (often called “yo-yo” dieting).

The Diet Plan...

The main idea of the diet is to constantly switch up how many calories you’re eating so that your body doesn’t try to protect itself by going into starvation mode. Nor will your body “get used to” a certain level of caloric intake.

The basic diet plan varies between men and women, but both are three phases. Three days of a very low calorie plan, four days of a higher but still low calorie plan, and a week of a more substantial calorie plan.

This entire cycle can be done twice before it is recommended that you take a month off.

Women are allowed:

600 calories per day for 3 days
900 calories per day for 4 days
1200 calories per day for 7 days

Men are allowed:

1200 calories per day for 3 days
1500 calories per day for 4 days
1800 calories per day for 7 days

Note that the level of calorie restriction even in the week long higher calorie plan is so great that most of us will be very hungry all day.

The Rotation Diet’s solution to this hunger problem is allowing us to fill up on bulky “free vegetables” that are calorie free due to the amount of energy our body spends trying to break down the cellulose of these plants.

These vegetables include asparagus, celery, endive, lettuce, radishes, cucumber, and spinach. The Rotation Diet also allows healthy fruits as snacks including apples, grapefruit, melon, oranges, and berries.

Is it good for you?...

This is a quick weight loss plan due to its very low caloric content. As such an extreme diet, anyone attempting this should get the advice of a physician before beginning.

People who decide that this diet is not for them may still be interested in purchasing the Rotation Diet book due to the helpful psychological and behavioural advice relating to dieting that the authors included.

Those that do stick to the program will undoubtedly experience quick weight loss results.

However, even though dramatic weight loss is possible, it is not proven that the Rotation Diet actually helps to stop the rebound regain of weight after the loss like the diet claims. It may work for some people, but studies are needed to lend evidence to these claims.

Furthermore, the numbers that the Rotation Diet cites for expected weight loss seem to be a little high. It claims that 14 pounds can be lost in 3 weeks, though the caloric deficits suggest that some of that 14 pounds is likely water weight. A significant portion of that weight loss, however, will be fat.

Although people may find short term success on the Rotation Diet more so than almost any other quick weight loss diet plans out there, the long term effectiveness of this diet is questionable.

Example Day...

• ½ Grapefruit
• Sliced wholemeal bread with slice of cheese
• Non calorie drink

• Salmon with unlimited “free” vegetables
• Wholemeal crackers
• Non calorie drink

• Baked chicken with cauliflower and beetroot
• Apple
• Non calorie drink

• Any from the list of “safe” fruits, such as apples, oranges and berries

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