Low Carb Diets

low carb diets

Low carb diets are generally considered to be good at causing a fairly quick weight loss. There are a number of these plans available as they have become very popular recently with dieters but as with most diet plans, a good deal of the initial weight reduction will come from water loss as your body adjusts to the new chemical balance caused by restricted food groups.

You should always bear in mind that humans have evolved eating some form of carbohydrates so eliminating or severely restricting them for a long period of time could have side effects in the long run.

Carbohydrates help to provide energy for our bodies, so a diet very low in carbs will result in the need for an energy source elsewhere. When the body does not have carbohydrates to burn, it will generally turn to stored fat in a process known as ketosis. This is exactly what will happen when you use the Atkins Diet Plan for your weight loss program.

The Atkins Diet is a high fat low carb diet that will help with quick weight loss. As with any restrictive diet plan, however, it is probably not meant for long term use, and will be safest when used to ‘jump start’ a healthier weight loss regime.

The Life Without Bread Diet is based on what the authors consider to have been a ‘paleolithic diet’ that was used by what they assume to be our much healthier caveman ancestors.

Life Without Bread will also not only cause weight loss, but promoted as a basis to help prevent or cure a number of diseases including obesity, cancer, and colitis, among others. This diet does allow for more carbohydrates than many other in this category, but still relies heavily on fatty meats, cheese, and other high cholesterol foods.

Refined sugars are blamed by the authors of the Sugar Busters Diet for the prevalence of obesity in America. The Sugar Busters Diet allows carbohydrates in the form of whole grains, and this is a high fat low carb diet that will promote fairly quick weight loss in those who institute it.

This is another low carbohydrate program based on what is presumed to be the diet of early mankind. One odd feature of this diet is that it recommends drinking little water with meals to keep the digestive fluids more concentrated. However, water is needed for processing any food, and will generally aid digestion.

When you are looking for a suitable diet plan to get rid of some excess pounds, you will probably find that any of the above programs will help you to lose weight fairly quickly. High protein diets and high fat low carb dietswill change the way your body metabolizes its food and can cause weight loss. However, whether they will be safe and healthy in the long run is something that should always be taken into consideration.

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