Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is an extremely low calorie diet. You should only follow it for seven days at a time as it is designed for quick weight loss. It is neither nutritionally sound nor a safe way to lose weight over the long term.

Type - Quick Weight Loss

Are special products required - No

Is eating out possible? - No

Is the plan family friendly? - No

Do you have to buy a book? - Yes

Is the diet easy to maintain? - No

So how does it work?...

The authors of the diet claim that you can lose 10-15lbs (4.5 to 6.8kg) by eating as much cabbage soup as you want for seven days. Ingredients of the cabbage soup include a variety of low calorie vegetables as well as tinned tomatoes, flavoured onion soup mix and vegetable stock.

The Diet Plan...

As well as eating an unlimited amount of cabbage soup, this diet plan allows you to eat a further combination of food each day. For example, you can add beef to your meals one day and then fruit and milk the following day. No alcohol, bread or fizzy drinks are allowed.

Is it good for you?...

The Cabbage Soup Diet is designed for quick weight loss, most of which is water weight. Compared to other diet plans it isn’t nutritionally balanced and it isn’t the sort of plan designed for long term weight loss.

Diet plans such as this are likely to promote cravings as soon as your seven days are over. You should therefore plan to eat sensible, well balanced meals once you have completed the week-long plan.

Example Week...

Day 1
• Any fruit except bananas

Day 2
• Unlimited vegetables
• Baked potato with butter

Day 3
• Any fruit except bananas
• Unlimited vegetables

Day 4
• Up to 8 bananas, plus unlimited skimmed milk

Day 5
• Large quantity of beef with canned tomatoes
• 6-8 glasses of water

Day 6
• Unlimited beef and vegetables

Day 7
• Brown rice
• Unsweetened fruit juices

• Cabbage soup

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