The Somersizing Diet

Somersizing is one of many food combining diets that claims to reprogram your metabolism through special food combinations. This diet plan is the creation of Suzanne Somers, who gives the plan her own personal touch.

Type - Food Combining

Are special products required? - No

Is eating out possible? - Yes

Is the plan family friendly? - Yes

Do you have to buy a book? - Yes

Is the diet easy to maintain? - No

So how does it work?...

Like many food combining diets, this program is designed to use specific food combinations to stimulate your metabolism to burn more fat. The plan involves eating frequent small meals as well as an abundance of vegetables and fruits.

Though there is no focus on portion control or calorie counting, the type of food you eat is important to recognize and control due to the strict food combination guidelines.

One of the basic ideas of Somersizing is that eating carbohydrates at the same meal as fats promotes fat storage instead of fat burning.

For that reason it is recommended to only combine carbohydrates with vegetables, and to only eat proteins and fats with vegetables. It also restricts bad carbs (sugar and white flour) and forbids alcohol and caffeine.

Typical of food combining diets, this one also suggests eating fruits separately from everything else.

The Diet Plan...

Many food are restricted or forbidden in the program, including the bad carbs, alcohol, and caffeine already mentioned. Other items that are forbidden include honey, carrots, bananas, potatoes, nuts, olives, milk, tofu, and coconut.

Some of the restricted items are prohibited due to their “mixed” nature, that is, having a mix of carbohydrate and protein. Somersizing is very strict about the food combinations.

The main points to remember are:

• Fruits should be eaten alone or on an empty stomach
• Carbohydrates should be eaten only with other carbohydrate-rich foods
• Proteins and fats can be eaten together

Is it good for you?...

Because of the low caloric content and low carb content, dieters attempting the Somersizing plan are likely to achieve good weight loss success.

However, how much of this weight loss success can actually be attributed to the food combination focus of this diet is debateable.

There is very little evidence that supports the idea, and some of the details of the premise are contradictory to start with.

Optimal results might be achieved given the understanding that many of the “mixed” forbidden foods are actually healthy to eat, like nuts, olives, and avocados.

Claiming that these foods can’t be digested properly due to their mixed nature doesn’t make a lot of sense given that it is the way they are found in nature.

If you follow Somersizing while also keeping some common sense in mind and maintaining a regular exercise plan, you will probably achieve some weight loss success, even though the premise of this diet plan is slightly flawed.

Example Day...

• Whole-grain toast with fat-free cottage cheese

• Grilled fish with lemon-butter sauce and mange-tout tossed in butter
•Green salad with a sugar-free dressing

• Beef pot roast with onions, sliced fresh tomatoes and steamed asparagus
• Green salad with vinaigrette dressing

• Peaches

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