Eat Right 4 Your Type

Eat Right 4 Your Type is a metabolic typing diet which divides people into categories based on their blood type. A person’s blood type serves as an indicator of which foods they are likely to tolerate best.

Type - Metabolic Typing

Are special products required - No

Is eating out possible? - Yes

Is the plan family friendly? - No

Do you have to buy a book? - Yes

Is the diet easy to maintain? - No

So how does it work?...

The author of Eat Right 4 Your Type is heavily focused on your anthropological roots (where your ancestors came from). According to him, whether your ancestors were hunters, cultivators, enigmas, or nomads directly affects how your metabolism reacts to different kinds of foods.

The method that the author recommends of finding which group your ancestors belonged to is looking at your blood type, where supposedly the antibodies that determine blood type also determine how well you respond to different types of food.

The theory is that these antibodies react to food antigens which cause low grade illness and less than optimal functioning. This is referred to as a metabolic typing diet. Each blood type is assigned a specific diet plan which restricts certain foods and recommends others. If you follow Eat Right for Your Type, you are supposed to lose weight, have more energy, and feel healthier.

The Diet Plan...

All diet plans in the Eat Right 4 Your Type diet restrict calories to a specific number, between 1500 and 1800 per day. The specific foods and meals to eat vary based on which blood type group you belong to. Here are some examples of different recommendations:

• Type O
This group – supposedly descendants of hunters -- can eat red meat, but should restrict carbohydrates and completely avoid wheat altogether.

• Type A
The ancestors of this group were farmers, so members of this group should eat a high carbohydrate diet full of vegetables, and should restrict fats and meats.

• Type B
People with this blood type should eat a more balanced diet, coming from a more balanced group of ancestors. This diet plan recommends a balance of fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, and dairy.

• Type AB
This group has the fewest restrictions, being a blend between interbreeding of type A and type B.

Is it good for you?...

The scientific evidence supporting Eat Right for Your Type’s claims about blood type is lacking. Some of the popularity of this diet is the appeal of an “individualized” diet plan, but basing it on blood type is not likely to be very accurate.

Doctors do not take blood type into account when figuring out genetic disposition because it is not statistically linked to diseases or attributes. Blood type generalizations are popular in Asian countries where it is seen as predictive, but like Western astrology, this lacks scientific basis and is just for fun, much like horoscopes.

Restricting calories is good and will lead to weight loss, but this is not a quick weight loss plan. Additionally, some of the restrictions of Eat Right 4 Your Type are not the healthiest. For example, Types A and O are forbidden dairy, so these two diets lack calcium. Type O’s diet plan may include too much red meat and saturated fat, and not enough vegetables, increasing the risk for colon cancer.

Example Day...

• Cinnamon and raisin toast with cream cheese

• Grilled chicken with green salad and a low fat dressing

• Grilled lamb chops with asparagus, green beans and carrots

• Slices of tofu or tofu-based low fat dessert

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