Is a Food Combining Diet Just another Fad?

A food combining diet is based upon the principle that the body digests foods more efficiently when food types are not mixed. Therefore, according to the theory, carbohydrates and proteins should not be mixed in the same meal, and fruits should always be eaten alone.

These types of diet plans are believed to have two benefits, firstly weight loss, and secondly the easier digestion of food, which may certainly suit people with stomach complaints. To follow this diet fully takes a great deal of planning and preparation both in order to make sure that the principles are followed, as well as ensuring that all the nutrients that the body requires are catered for.

One of the great things about food combining, is that there really is no food that is blacklisted, so to speak. It is only the combinations of foods which are prohibited. So, for example, there is nothing stopping you eating bacon and eggs, it is just that you can't eat them with bread or toast. You can eat all the pork you want, just not with potatoes.

A food combining diet is ideal for people that do not want to forgo their little pleasures and feel that they are starving themselves. The same foods can still be eaten, it is just the combination that must be changed.

So, the big question is, do food combining diets actually work? The jury is out on this one, and whilst some people swear by it, others have classed it as a fad diet. Perhaps the only way to see if it will work for you, is to try it for a few weeks and see. If you are interested in doing this, then below, is an example of a day’s menu.

Breakfast: Fruit. This is quite simple, and has obvious health benefits in terms of minerals and vitamins. The suggestion is to alternate breakfasts between one day of sweet fruit, and one day of acidic fruit.

Lunch: try a large raw vegetable salad and include lettuce and celery, as well as half an avocado.

Dinner: A chicken breast with broccoli and another non-starchy vegetable.

From the example above, you will probably see that the types of food being suggested are in themselves fairly low calorie, and some argue that it is this which can promote weight loss as opposed to giving a food combining diet validity. Unless you actually try it for yourself, of course, you will never know for sure.

Of the many diets described throughout this site, food combining diets are on the face of it the most simple. They require no special foods be bought, and no particular sacrifice be made. What they do involve, though, is careful meal planning and preparation. The fact that old favourites such as chicken and potatoes can now not be eaten together may also take some getting used to. On the whole, though, this diet does not have any overtly negative aspects, and so is certainly worth trying for a week or two in order to see what results may be had from it.

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