The Best Cholesterol Lowering Diets

best cholesterol lowering diets

Top 10 Foods...

The best cholesterol lowering diets tend to include the same foods within them, and below you will find the top 10 foods that can help in the fight against cholesterol.

These foods are also quite often included in various other types of diets, such as low fat diet plans , portion control diets and detox diets , all of which are described in more detail on this site.

1. Whole grains and oats:
Oats are something of a wonder food. It makes an ideal breakfast, and as it is high in fibre, will leave you feeling full, whilst at the same time slowly releasing energy to the body over the course of the morning. Studies have shown that whole grains, when included in a diet, help to slow the thickening of artery walls.

2. Blueberries:
Most fruits and berries contain antioxidants, but the combination found in blueberries is particularly powerful. Anthocyanins lower LDL (which is the bad cholesterol), and pterostilbene also helps to lower cholesterol more effectively and with less side effects than prescribed drugs.

3. Nuts:
These can also be found in the best cholesterol lowering diets. They help to lower LDL levels whilst improving the balance of HDL, which is the good cholesterol. Only a small serving per day is needed, and this would fit in well with a raw food diet, as well as many others listed throughout the site.

4. Garlic:
Much loved by the French, and a part of many Mediterranean dishes, garlic as well as other onions such as spring onions, are proven to help protect the heart by lowering cholesterol.

5. Legumes:
Lentils, beans and peas fall under this category. They are high in fibre, and contain good mixes of B vitamins and minerals. As well as playing an important role in the best cholesterol lowering diets, they also have a low glycaemic index, and so play a role in the low GI diets mentioned here.

6. Fish:Are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which means it is heart healthy. Studies have shown that people who eat three or more portions a week are far more likely to have less heart problems than those that don't.

7. Dark Chocolate:
this addition normally comes as a bit of a surprise to most people. However, dark chocolate when eaten without dairy products (as most chocolate bars from the sweet shop are) has many health benefits.

8. Avocados:
Back in the days when anything containing fat was considered bad, this was considered a fruit to be avoided. However, monounsaturated fat is now classed as healthy, and an avocado a day keeps cholesterol at bay!

9. Pomegranate Juice:
This is often included in the best cholesterol lowering diets , as it is shown to be able to reduce the build up of cholesterol in the arteries. It is also high in anti-oxidants, and so can also be found in many detox diets.

10. Spinach:
Leafy greens such as spinach are full of fibre and lutein which lowers LDL particles, leading to a healthier heart.

The best cholesterol lowering diets always include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and when eaten in combination as part of a balanced diet, can lead to weight loss in themselves, although for weight loss specific diets, you should read our diet reviews.

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