Change One Eating Plan

The Change One Eating Plan’s foundation is the idea that forming eating habits can be done gradually through a 12 week program that will result in life-long healthy eating choices. Portion control is emphasized, along with using online resources to maximize results.

Type - Portion Control

Are special products required? - No

Is eating out possible? - Yes

Is the plan family friendly? - Yes

Do you have to buy a book? - Yes

Is the diet easy to maintain? - Yes

So how does it work?...

The main focus of this diet plan is concentrating on the idea of portion control and that maintaining a healthy weight can be less complicated than “what” you eat and is more based on “how much” you eat.

The Change One Eating Plan seeks to help you move toward this goal by only introducing changes a little bit at a time so that each small component has a chance to become a habit.

The author points out that major overhauls to our lives are often too stressful and complicated to keep up with.

The Change One Eating Plan’s first targeted habit is the breakfast routine. Eventually the lunch and dinner meals are added in, as well as incorporating healthy snacks.

Throughout the diet you are provided with meal plans and suggestions to keep your daily calorie count to less than 1300 per day, plus some allowance for the extra active or overweight.

The diet plan starts by overhauling your breakfast routine and then, over the first month, works through lunch, snacks and dinner.

Each chapter provides a guide to staying within 1300 calories a day (or up to 1600 calories a day for the active or significantly overweight) by focusing on portion control.

No food group is expressly off limits and fiber intake is encouraged. Exercise is also important in the Change One Eating Plan.

The Diet Plan...

The Change One Eating Plan’s first targeted change is breakfast. For the first week the focus is on eating a smaller, more nutritionally balanced breakfast.

Lunch, dinner, and snacks are not required to change during this phase.

Each week introduces one more change that must be made to one of the other meals/snacks, until four weeks has elapsed and your entire diet has been gradually overhauled.

The Change One Eating Plan is not over here, however, as it will still guide you through an additional 8 weeks of meal plans and suggestions.

Topics focused on in these next 8 weeks include how to eat out in a healthy way and eating right during the holiday season.

During the course of this diet, participants are encouraged to keep a food diary.

The book provides meal plans, but also lots of tips, tricks, and common pitfalls to avoid. It is full of information that is helpful to dieters.

Is it good for you?...

The Plan is sensible, balanced, and healthy. It encourages you to restrict calories and to exercise, but neither is in an extreme amount, so you can expect to lose a safe amount of weight each week and then maintain that weight loss once you have achieved your target weight.

This diet is also proven effective: during a clinical trial, volunteers following the entire 12 week course lost an average of 17 pounds.

The diet plan includes meal plans, recipes, shopping guides, tips, and tools that make the Change One Eating Plan easier to follow than many.

Its gradual nature and focus on portion control is also helpful for many people.

Finally, the online tools and resources are invaluable for many dieters who would fail if not for the lack of the online support groups.

Example Day...

• Plain yogurt layered with crunchy cereal, fruit and coconut

• Chef’s salad with cooked turkey breast, ham, grated cheese, and a low-fat dressing
• Wholegrain roll
• Cubes or orange-fleshed melon such as cantaloupe

• Grilled halibut steak with grilled onions and spring onions, ziti or other small pasta shapes, and steamed courgettes
• Blueberry mousse

• Baked tortilla chips with salsa

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