What Is Coffee Dieting Really All About?...

Coffee dieting is built upon the idea that you can lose weight without feeling hungry, and that it is something that almost anyone can try without putting themselves out too much.

For most people, of course, a cup of coffee is what you drink in the morning to get you going, and to pick yourself up at certain points during the day. It does also have other useful effects on the body, though, which can be beneficial when it comes to dieting.

As most people will know, coffee is high in caffeine, and caffeine is known to suppress the appetite. This theoretically makes it an ideal dieting aid. (As a note, the appetite suppressing effects are amplified when taken with nicotine, but we absolutely do NOT condone smoking!). This has led advocates to say that drinking coffee for a long period of time can help a person to lose weight.

As well as being an appetite suppressant, caffeine also has another quality, and that is that it may stimulate something called thermogenesis, which is the production of body heat. Put simply, it helps the body to burn calories, which again, theoretically, makes it a great dieting aid. Coffee also contains other things such as chlorogenic acid and quinides which have also been linked to weight loss.

Unlike other diets, coffee dieting does not say that you must drink coffee and nothing else! Rather, it is used much as a weight loss supplement, whilst at the same time, a healthy diet and exercise is employed. When used with calorie counting and exercise, weight loss can and does occur. Whether this is due to the coffee, or the change in diet and exercise is the subject of much debate.

Although coffee is much maligned, it does have other benefits as well as those already mentioned. It helps to make people alert, boosting their cognitive functions, especially when taken at intervals throughout the day. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of liver disease, lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease, and to help block colon cancer. Therefore, coffee dieting may offer other positive aspects beyond that of weight loss by itself.

So, does it work?

As with any diet that involves consuming fewer calories than are expended during the day, this particular diet will work for as long as the individual will stick to the programme. A good idea, would be to perhaps combine the coffee diet with one of the other diets described in this site, as long as it does not run counter to that diet’s programme.

If you are thinking of coffee dieting, then it would be wise to consult a doctor first. Too much caffeine in the system can lead to an elevated heart beat and blood pressure, neither of which are good for prolonged periods of time. Your doctor will be able to recommend a caffeine level that you shouldn't exceed, meaning that you can embark on the diet with complete peace of mind, and concentrate on the important thing, which is hitting your weight loss goals!!

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