Dangers of Low Carb Diets

low carb diets

Dieters should be aware of the potential dangers of low carb diets before they embark on a program that will restrict or eliminate carbohydrates.

One of the best known low carb diets is theAtkins Diet Plan , which has been in use for decades. This diet relies heavily on eating fairly large amounts of protein, especially meat, but this may not be the best food to lose weight in the long run, as ketosis will result.

Ketosis, which occurs when the body begins burning fat instead of carbohydrates for energy, is a way to lose a substantial amount of weight but can affect both the kidneys and liver and is potentially a dangerous side effect of the program. While there is no dispute over the fact that too many cakes, cookies, and other bread products can cause a weight gain, totally eliminating what many health professionals consider to be part of a normal diet can also cause problems.

Care must be taken when diabetes and dieting are combined, as serious medical complications can develop. If you have diabetes then medical advice should be sought before undertaking any program, and if your physician includes warnings about the dangers of low carb diets , make sure you heed these and research each available plan as thoroughly as possible before signing up to any of them.

Specific diets such as the Zone Diet Plan , which can cause alterations in insulin levels, should be approached with caution by anyone who is insulin dependent.

The Life Without Bread Diet is another specialist diet which should be monitored carefully, whether you are diabetic or not. This diet, which relies very heavily on high calorie food, could conceivably result in you gaining weight while dieting if the fairly complicated guidelines are not adhered to strictly.

Although this diet does not totally eliminate carbohydrates it does avoid some of the dangers of low carb diets, but, as with many low carb diet plans, it is very heavy in saturated fats, and the possibility of cardiovascular problems developing should be weighed against any possible benefits before beginning the plan.

Eliminating most carbohydrates and restricting calories are two of the mainstays of the Scarsdale Diet which tends to illustrate some of the dangers of low carb diets. This is not a diet that can be used by everyone in the family so you will need to make up your meals separately from those of children or other adults in the household with a normal body weight and energy needs.

The Scarsdale Diet probably contains the best foods to lose weight for the two weeks recommended for this type of program, but it is not a diet that should be followed for long, as kidney damage can occur in susceptible individuals.

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