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detox diet

All of us accumulate toxins and pollutants from the environment and food, which is why a detox diet can be so important. These diets will help to remove the harmful elements from our bodies. Not only are they good at cleansing us inside, they are also effective if you want to lose weight if undertaken for a reletively short period of time.

Finding the right detox diet to help you achieve your weight goals without causing risk to your health, however, can be slightly more difficult. Toxins will accumulate not only in organs such as the liver and kidneys, but in every part of us, right down to the individual cells. Removing these toxins is important for continuing health, and several detox diets address this issue thoroughly.

Living Beauty Detox by Ann Louise Gittleman contains a program that is meant to help you to become lovelier outside as your inside is cleansed and detoxified. It will probably be necessary for you to change your eating habits completely with this program, but the benefits achieved can outweigh any difficulties and part of the premise behind Living Beauty Detox is that every season should bring in a specific detoxifying program.

Drinking plenty of water is important in this plan, not only to cleanse the body, but the author knows that drinking water to lose weight is important when trying to shed excess pounds as it fills your stomach and can reduce the feeling of being hungry.

Another variation on how to lose weight with detox is the Fat Flush Plan . This may be one of the most popular detox's available today and can help with your weight loss goals. It is a three stage program that starts off with restricted calories and many restricted foods.

Phases two and three continue on, increasing the amount of calories allowed and the number of foods permitted. By the time you reach stage three, the maintenance phase, you should find that this plan has helped you to both lose weight and cleanse the accumulated poisons out of your body, helping it to function as it should.

Using a combination of juice and fasting to achieve both weight loss and detoxification is used in Juice Fasting & Detoxification by Steve Meyerowitz. The plan outlined in this book can help you to lose weight with detox while using various fruit and vegetable juices to provide nutrients. It is important while using this program to include drinking water to lose weight as well as for cleansing.

Fasts have often been a popular way to clean out the body, and using juices as well as avoidance of solid food is the main basis of most. Most detox's are not meant to be used for long term – they are best when used occasionally (for 7-10 days), rather than as long term dieting solutions.

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