Living Beauty Detox Diet

The Living Beauty Detox plan is aimed at women who want to explore the connection between outer beauty and nutrition. The author of this plan claims that women should follow her 7 point system to create outer beauty through fostering inner well-being.

Type - Detox Diets

Are special products required? - Yes

Is eating out possible? - No

Is the plan family friendly? - No

Do you have to buy a book? - Yes

Is the diet easy to maintain? - No

So how does it work?...

Like many diet plans aimed at women, the Living Beauty Detox contains the hook that diet can affect your outer beauty in more than just the traditional weight loss/weight gain manner.

The author claims that toxins and pollutants in our bodies harm our outer beauty. Due to hormones, emotions, and our spiritual cycles, a woman’s physiology fluctuates causing seasonal changes that many of us might notice, leading to four types (1-4) that women may identify as.

The Living Beauty Detox program aims to take care of each of the four types while adhering to an overall 7-point plan that the author claims are the foundation of her program and her beauty rituals:

• A cleansed, detoxed system – in the form of a healthy liver
• Purified water - to dilute toxins and flush the body
• Powerful proteins - for healthy skin, hair and nails
• Beautifying oils - such as omega 3 fatty acids
• Energizing, immune boosting organic vegetables and fruits
• Revitalizing vitamins, minerals and protective antioxidants
• Balanced hormones

Living Beauty Detox focuses on these seven elements as well as the elimination of several key things from the diet: sugar, alcohol, refined white flour, caffeine, hydrogenated oils, and generally over-processed foods.

The Diet Plan...

Unlike many detox diets, the Living Beauty Detox plan is not overly or radically restrictive, nor is it just a modified fast. It calls for a diet full of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements and a specially made elixir that supposedly cleanses the body of toxins.

Drinking copious amounts of water and dandelion tea are encouraged. The “cleanse” part of the diet can last from days to weeks.

The regimen of the Living Beauty Detox is different depending on which “Type” a woman finds herself in. Each season she is encouraged to look at their appearances and energy levels to pinpoint their type and identify underlying internal imbalances.

Type 1’s will be most susceptible in spring, while Type 2’s have more imbalances in the summer, Type 3’s in the autumn, and Type 4’s in the winter. Different detox diets are recommended for different types and seasons.

Is it good for you?...

The main problem with the program is the underlying theory behind it, which assumes that our bodies cannot handle their own daily waste eliminations and balancing functions.

The truth is that our bodies are very accomplished at balancing between internal and external environments, and that our kidneys and liver serve as more than adequate filters for toxins and pollutants.

There is no scientific merit to the idea of requiring a “detox” or “cleanse” periodically, or how one would even go about doing that. A balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy should provide your body all the help it needs in maintaining a well-working system.

The Living Beauty Detox is very low-carb and time-intensive which makes it very difficult to maintain. It can also be costly to buy all of the additional supplements and herbs required.

This diet assumes that you can prepare every meal in your kitchen, which is not realistic for most of us who have jobs and busy lives.

However it is a healthier option than many other “cleansing” diets.

The Living Beauty Detox may need to be altered and enhanced through further research and modifications in order to fit your lifestyle and health needs.

Example Day (Type 1)...

On rising
• Living Beauty Elixir
• 2 high-fibre supplements
• 2 glasses of water

Before breakfast
• Large cup of dandelion root

• 1/2 grapefruit
•Boiled eggs
•Steamed kale and red peppers seasoned with chopped fresh thyme

• Grilled spring lamb burger
•Watercress and beansprout salad with a dressing of linseed oil, fresh lemon juice and chopped fresh chives

• 2 glasses of water

• Strawberries

• Poached salmon with steamed brussel sprouts
• Tomato salad with parsley and spring onions with a dressing of linseed oil, fresh lime juice and chopped fresh mint

• Living Beauty Elixir
• 2 high fibre supplements
• 2 glasses of water

• As specified

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