Dieting Ideas

dieting ideas

Our Top 10 Tips...

If you are struggling to find dieting ideas for weight loss, or perhaps are lacking a little motivation, then here are our top ten tips to help you along the way to becoming a fitter and healthier person.

1. Mind over matter and discipline:
Most diets fail or never start because the task seems too hard, or a moment of weakness leads to a day or more of diet skipping and over indulgence. Even before you begin a diet, sit down for a few hours a night for a week and work out why you want to diet, and how you will go about it. Approaching dieting with the correct mental attitude will reap great results.

2. Put an end to Bad Habits:
There is a very strong chance that a few years of bad habits have led to the need for dieting ideas in the first place! Once your mental approach has been defined, put it into practice by cutting out snacking, limiting alcohol intake, and of course, eating convenience foods.

3. Make your own lunch:
It can be tempting to buy lunch whilst you are at work from a café, burger van or visiting sandwich van. You are far more likely to keep control of your diet if you take your own lunch into work.

4. Don't eat late at night:
Most dieting ideas will maintain that snacking after the evening meal is a bad idea. Ideally, try to avoid eating anything three hours before bed.

5. Drink water:
Many of the additional calories that people consume every day come from the drinks they take during the day, be it soft drinks, or tea with sugar. Some of this will have been solved by beating the bad habits already mentioned in these dieting ideas. If you are feeling thirsty, grab a bottle of water!

6. Eat a balanced diet:
Unless you are trying one of the dieting plans reviewed on this site, such as a low GI plan, or a detox programme, then aim for a balanced diet. A good combination of vegetables, fruits, lean meats and greens will ensure that your body receives all the nutrients that it is supposed to.

7. Eat little and often:
Many of the dieting ideas reviewed here will mention eating smaller meals but more often. The aim here is to prevent the body from storing food.

8. Get some exercise:
There is little point in dieting if you are not going to exercise as well. Like altering your diet, making exercise a part of your life will bring long term benefits, and enable you to feel better about yourself.

9. Eat Oatmeal:
This is one of many wonder foods, but it is the cheapest and the most readily available. Even by just altering your breakfast to oatmeal, you will reap great rewards. It is high in fibre, and releases energy slowly throughout the day.

10. Eliminate sugar:
The body does need sugar, but not in the quantities that most people consume it in. Drink tea without sugar, avoid soft drinks and avoid sweets unless absolutely necessary!

If you are unsure of which diet you want to try, then you can make a start by putting into action the above dieting ideas. This site also has reviews of many of the most popular diets, enabling you to choose one which suits your lifestyle.

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