Fad Diets and Teenagers

fad diets and teenagers

It is easy to understand why fad diets and teenagers can be a dangerous blend. Teens are probably even more conscious of their appearance these days than fully grown adults, and regardless of whether weight is actually a problem or not, will seek out diets that can help them lose real or imagined fat.

It’s important for parents to keep an eye on their teenagers to make sure that they do not succumb to compulsive dieting to the detriment of their general health. Many teenage girls these days are actually becoming anorexic because they look at airbrushed pictures of celebrities and perceive that they are overweight when they really are not.

To assist a teenager through these difficult years, make sure you thoroughly review any of the diet programs being considered and work out the best weight loss plan that will still provide the nutrition the growing body needs.

Teens that have a weight problem generally get it through eating too much junk and helping your teenager choose a sensible balanced diet plan, such as the South Beach Diet , can help a young person struggling with weight slim down without affecting nutrition.

Fad diets and teenagers Fad diets and teenagers can be an explosive mix, so choosing the right diet is imperative. A relatively effective program, involving cinnamon and weight loss, can probably be instituted without imperiling the teen’s health.

Cinnamon has been shown to be useful for regulating blood sugar levels, which will help an overweight teenager control cravings for carbohydrates and sugar and while cinnamon is not an actual appetite-suppressant, it can be used in conjunction with a few other simple techniques to help any teen who is struggling with their weight to take off some of those pounds without too much effort.

Many teens that do become overweight get little exercise, so the best weight loss plan for this age group should also include a regimen of working out. Fast results can be obtained if the teen is encouraged to take up a sport or even to just start getting out of the house and walking.

Too much time in front of the computer or television with a big bowl of caramel popcorn is bound to cause the adolescent to become fat so breaking this habit early can be done best when the parents take an interest in the problem and work with the teen.

But be careful how much you push though, as a very bad behavior problem can be started during the adolescent years that can develop into a lifelong habit – compulsive dieting. This type of dieting often alternates with binge eating and can cause long term health problems for the teen.

Young people are attracted to diet plans that promise quick weight lossresults or have been used by celebrities, so it is important when looking into fad diets and teenagers that one which provides balanced nutrition and exercise is the one that will be used. The teen years are hard enough without having to contend with either obesity or anorexia!

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