How To Deal With Holiday Dieting....

holiday dieting

Holiday there any problem more intimidating, frustrating, and baffling than getting through the holidays with your diet in tact? Trying to follow any sort of diet plan can be a very tricky thing, particularly over the holiday featuring the most overeating all year: Thanksgiving.

Low fat diet plans are no big deal during a usual work week, but what are you supposed to do when you sit down at the huge family dinner table covered with tasty sides, plenty of rolls and butter, and a big roasted turkey?

Many of our families don't even have a healthy option at Thanksgiving, and for those of us that do it just doesn't seem right to not celebrate with the rest of the family!

But there are more holidays than just Thanksgiving to worry about: Christmas, 4th of July, Easter, Halloween, our birthdays, and random family gatherings... it seemingly never ends!

The biggest issue with holiday dieting is finding yourself unprepared. When we get into the routine of a diet plan, whether it's very strict or loose and variable, we often become less focused on planning ahead.

It's been easy to skip the piece of cake at work because we can run across the street and buy a salad. It's harder to skip a piece of Thanksgiving pie or birthday cake because it's just not logistically possible to run out spontaneously and it also might seem a little rude to everyone involved!

Instead, the key is to make a special effort to plan ahead.The secret toholiday dieting is planning! Know what options are going to be available to you beforehand, if possible, to prevent you from making a hasty decision to overeat or indulge. Keep healthy snacks and water in your purse.

If you are preparing any of the holiday food, make sure to include a choice that works in your diet instead of catering to the masses.

Many people try to quickly lose extra holiday or seasonal weight over a short couple of weeks. They think of it as a one time measure instead of as a long term solution to weight loss. The problem with attempting to lose holiday weight quickly is that as soon as you go back to your normal ways the weight will return. That’s also the reason you gain weight on a holiday – you think of your diet as something separate from your life.

If you redefine diet to mean everything you eat rather than everything you can’t eat, you likely won’t face the psychological torture of holiday dieting.

It’s easier to say “I don’t eat that kind of thing anymore” than it is to say “I can’t have that now... but one day when I’m thin I can!” It’s a psychological issue. Make your diet part of your life.

If you plan ahead you can't get caught off guard with holiday dieting. You also can’t get stuck in a place where you've totally wrecked your diet plan and are searching for quick weight loss plans to mitigate the damages!

Make your diet a part of your life instead of a temporary measure and you’ll see long term success no matter what road blocks life puts in your way.

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