How To Lose Weight Running

If you are looking to lose weight running, then you should also think about adapting your diet to suit. This is because when you undertake any exercise regime, your body will need fuelling with the correct combination of carbs and proteins.

There is no one specific diet for runners, as there are many different disciplines (such as sprinting which may require more protein, and long distance running which will require more carbs).

Any healthy diet for athletes will be low in fat, though, which means that not only will the exercise help you lose weight, but the adjustment in diet will as well. Think plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, brown bread, pasta, rice, chicken and tuna, and you will be on the right tracks.

The key to how to lose weight running is fundamentally the same as with all diets: you must burn off more calories per day than you consume. It’s common sense really.

The great thing about choosing to run as both a method of weight loss, and a way of keeping fit, is that it is very economical. You basically need only a pair of running shoes and a tracksuit and away you go.

Running outside either along streets or around a park is free, and if the weather is putting you off, you could always either purchase a machine to use indoors, or even join a gym and use their running machines.

If you are intending to lose weight running from a position of minimal or non existent physical activity, you may wish to consult a doctor first so that they can appraise your physical condition. It is best to take things easy at the beginning, and build up gradually.

Psychologically, it is important to set goals which will push you a little but are achievable. Be realistic with your aims, and you will maintain a positive approach as you progress.

Keep the distances short at first, and the pace easy. You might even like to simply walk your proposed route on the first day as opposed to running it. As you become more confident, you can both extend the distance and also increase the pace.

Most joggers find a distance of between five and eight miles to be comfortable while training, as this can be covered within an hour’s session. Not only will you lose weight running, but you will also become fitter in the process.

To lose weight running, in itself, is a great goal to have, but many people set themselves further goals once they get a taste for it. It is not uncommon to see previously heavier people competing in half and even full marathons.

If you don’t believe this, take a look at the London Marathon the next time it is on TV. People of all shapes and sizes, dressed in running gear through to huge costumes are running the marathon, and that could be you!

Anything is possible if you are prepared to focus, concentrate your will, and give it a go!

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