Can Low Calorie Wine Save Your Diet Plan?....

low calorie wine

Is there really such a thing as low calorie wine? Did you know that the average glass of wine can contain as many calories as a whole candy bar?

Wine doesn’t get the attention it deserves as a potential diet killer. Everyone knows that beer isn’t made to slim you down – we’ve all heard of a “beer belly” and likely believe that beer can make you fat if you drink too much. But wine can do the exact same thing.

Alcohol contains as many calories per gram as fat so next time you drink a glass of wine, take a moment to think that you could be drinking a glass of liquid fat instead!

Low fat diet plans often allow you to drink wine, but if you are really looking to lose weight if you drink alcohol it's just replacing some of the fats with something equally as bad?

It is true though that low calorie wine is better for you, as studies and doctors continue to confirm that drinking one or two glasses of wine per day can actually be healthy. The antioxidants in wine have positive effects on our health, but that doesn’t exactly make it health food. Remember also that antioxidants can be found in alternative places, like blueberries and green tea.

Wine should be limited and when you do indulge, you should try to stick to low calorie varieties. Dessert wines and ports tend to be the worst when it comes to calorie count, along with super sweet fruit wine drinks. Limit your intake of these in particular to keep the pounds off.

The best option when it comes to wine tends to be the white wines. This type often has less alcohol and sugar than the fuller red wines and dessert wines. Wine coolers and spritzers can also be lighter in calories because they are made lighter and with less alcohol than a traditional wine in order to be drunk faster.

Low calorie wines are sometimes marked on the bottle, but the law does not require manufacturers to include nutrition information with wines, which can make it a little bit of a guessing game so make sure you research before you buy.

In general, a higher proportion of alcohol to sugar can mean more calories, so watch the percent alcohol content and choose the smaller one whenever possible. That doesn't mean, however, that you can over compensate and drinking more in order to get a buzz, as it completely cancels out the benefits of a lower calorie optiom in the first place.

Certain other types of diet plans do not allow alcohol of any kind in the diet. Low carb diets in particular tend to be strict about alcohol due to the sugar content.

It’s true to think that wine can be good for you, but the health benefits of wine can be found in other sources, and wine can be more of a liability than a help depending on your lifestyle and consumption patterns.

The best tip is just to be aware of what you’re putting into your body so that you’re never surprised at what you see on the scale.

If you’re okay with indulging in a 200 calorie glass of wine, then indulge! But if not, try a glass of low calorie wine with a more modest 90 calories. If that still sounds like too much, maybe you should be saving your calories for something else.

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