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vitamin b souces

These days it’s important to know what Vitamin B sources are out there in order to make healthy diet and nutrition choices.

We’ve probably all heard about how important Vitamin B is to our health and even to our weight loss efforts. It’s important to eat lots of varied sources in order to keep our cells functioning at their best, since Vitamin B is used in every cell in our body In order to create energy and protect our DNA.Unprotected DNA can lead to cancer and premature aging, while protected DNA leads to youthfulness and relative lack of diseases and illnesses.

So what are some good Vitamin B sources , why is it necessary, and why should lack of it be of concern?

Vitamin B is actually a complex of 8 vitamins in total: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), biotin, folic acid, and what is normally just known as B12. You probably recognize some of those from the sides of food packages or even marketing slogans.

B12 in particular gets a lot of attention due to the vitamin’s reputation for increasing mood and energy. Many people are affected by pernicious anemia, meaning that even if enough Vitamin B is taken in, a person may not absorb all the B12 that they need.

For this reason it may be advisable to take a Vitamin B12 supplement just in case. B12 deficiency causes depression, fatigue, and permanent neurological damage which can lead to mania and psychosis.

Because Vitamin B is so crucial, deficiencies tend to be widespread and can resemble a serious illness due to many cells in your body not functioning correctly all at the same time. Symptoms include weakness, headaches, diarrhea, psychosis, depression, lethargy, emotional disturbances, edema, skin problems, sensitivity to light, and birth defects for babies born to women with deficiencies.

Vitamin B sources can be confusing because the way that they measure Vitamin B levels in food does not necessarily accurately show how much B vitamin will actually be absorbed in the human body. It’s a complicated issue, but the best defense is taking a B vitamin complex and eating a balanced diet with all food groups.

Vitamin B overdose is not usually an issue, but it is recommended to be aware that it is a remote possibility, so never take more supplements or supplemented foods than is recommended.

Energy drinks in particular are often loaded with B Vitamins in an attempt to persuade consumers that the energy drinks are healthy or have something “extra” in them besides just caffeine. Limit consumption of these drinks to avoid Vitamin B overdose.

Other Vitamin B sources include whole grains, potatoes, bananas, chilli peppers, beans and lentils.

It should also be of note that alcohol inhibits Vitamin B absorption, so if you drink a lot of alcohol, you may have to take additional Vitamin B to make up for it.

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