Weight Loss Foods

weight loss foods

5 Steps to Boosting Your Weight Loss....

In order to lose weight it’s necessary to identify and eat plenty of weight loss foods. These foods are ones full of nutrients that can help cut down on cravings for sugary, salty junk foods.

Whenever undertaking any type of diet it’s important to focus on eating low calorie foods that have a lot of bulk to them in order to create a sense of fullness in your stomach, which curbs the urge to eat or graze throughout the day.

High calorie foods may taste good, but your stomach can’t tell how rich that food is and is rarely satisfied with just a small portion!

If you are to be successful in hitting your weight loss goals, you have to try to cut down on these calorie dense foods and focus instead on weight loss foods that will trick your body into feeling full and satisfied.

Here are 5 guidelines to help you achieve a balanced diet that will allow you to lose weight while maintaining your health:

1 – Eat an unlimited amount of vegetables

Vegetables are the king of all low calorie foods. There’s a good reason your mom wanted you to eat your vegetables when you were a kid!

They’re a great source of vitamins and nutrients, but most importantly they can help you lose a lot of weight relatively quickly. Vegetables also contain cellulose which is bulky and tough. Because our body can’t get energy from the cellulose, vegetables are very low in calories although very filling.

While the fiber and nutrients in veggies do good things for your body, the slimming properties of these weight loss foods will help you stay feeling full all day without compromising your diet plans.

2 – Get many servings of fruits

Fruits, particularly fruits full of fiber and water like apples, are great weight loss foods. They can satisfy your need for sweets without triggering a blood sugar spike which can trigger immense cravings and midday tiredness.

Eating candy actually makes your body hungrier for sweets while eating fruits can satiate that urge. Choose 100% fruit juice and limit portion size of juice.

3 – Eat at least 5 servings of whole grains

The thing about whole grains that makes them one of the great weight loss foods is that they are a rich source of good carbohydrates and fiber.

Highly refined grains like white flour are high in sugars and cause blood sugar spikes, while whole grains contain lots of fiber that actually regulate your blood sugar and suppress your appetite throughout the day.

Whole grains can also fill up your stomach with bulk in the same way that vegetables do. Stretching out your stomach signals your brain that you are full, which then leaves you feeling less hungry.

4 – Increase calcium intake

High calcium intake has been shown to aid in weight loss and prevent weight gain. Dairy is the best source for calcium, but it’s important however to choose low or reduced-fat dairy. If you have trouble tolerating milk, look for products with lactase enzyme added which will break down the lactose for you.

5 – Eat more protein

Protein is well known for being one of the best weight loss foods, but there is no need to eat meat every day to get your protein. Certain red meats contain relatively high levels of saturated fats which are unhealthy in the long term. Lean proteins are the best, like those in eggs and poultry. Fish, soya products, nuts, and dairy are more places to find protein.

Protein stimulates your body to go into fat burning mode and encourages muscle building which can increase your metabolism.

A lot of the diets reviewed on the site take into account one or more of these principles as the basis to their program so make sure you have a good look through and find the diet plan that is right for you.

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