Low Calorie Cocktails

low calorie cocktails

Don't Blow Your Diet on High Calorie Alcohol....

If you're dieting or working out to lose weight, but still want to enjoy a drink, then low calorie cocktails are to be recommended. They will help you to keep watch of the calories that you are consuming, whilst at the same time, helping you to relax and unwind.

So, why go for cocktails?

Well, it seems pointless spending all that time calorie counting during the week, only for it to be thrown out of the window as soon as the weekend comes and the drink starts flowing. It is far better to incorporate some guilt free drinks into your nights out, than wonder why a diet plan is not working after drinking a whole bottle of wine!

Whilst there are low calorie wine and beers available, low calorie cocktails are a little more fun. Some of the cocktails are basic, and others more complicated.

Below, are listed those cocktails which can easily be ordered in a restaurant or club without any fuss. More elegant and complicated low calorie cocktails are best made at home.

Gin and Tonic:
This is one of the lighter alcoholic drink combinations out there. Try adding a dash of lime if you are unsure of the taste.

Vodka and tonic/diet coke/sprite zero:
Vodka, when mixed with any of the low calorie soft drinks commonly available is low in calories compared to say a pint of beer.

Vodka and sugar free red Bull:
The reason that vodka makes a good mixer drink, is because it is relatively low in calories, at around 100 per shot. Add it with a low calorie soft drink as mentioned above, or with sugar free red bull as suggested here, and you have an instant low calorie cocktail. A word of warning though - mixing vodka and energy drinks can give quite a buzz, but too many of them is not a good idea!

Bloody Mary:
The same idea as mentioned above, although the tomato juice can push this drink to around the 125 calorie mark.

Made of four parts vodka, two parts cranberry juice, one part lime and two parts triple sec, this is a fun drink to have on a night out that shouldn't expand the waistline too much.

Quite often, the difference between high and low calorie is not the alcohol, but the mixers that may accompany it. The difference it will make to your calorie intake and then physique will depend on how many you drink!

If you are currently on one of the low carb diets mentioned throughout this site, and still want to go out and enjoy yourself, then low calorie cocktails may be just the thing for you.

If you have any cocktail suggestions of your own, then be sure to email them to us, so that we can include the best on the site.

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